Lessons From The Field

John Brekke is one of the nation’s most accomplished executive coaches. He has worked with the top executives in some of the world’s most recognized companies including, 3M, General Growth Properties, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, Cigna, and Honeywell. But this was not always so…

John spent much of his youth working on a farm in northern Minnesota plowing, seeding and bailing hay. Under the tutelage of his Uncle George he learned about more than just farming. He learned about life.

Building on both his experience growing up on a farm and his many years of work with some of the nations top executives, John has created a book that is a rallying call for the new culture of empowerment. This book is a must-read for anyone serious about growing others and creating real bottom line value.

Through stories John leads his readers through a journey of self reflection, all the while challenging the long held beliefs of American business. A mix of timeless principles and hands-on practicality, this book will help anyone who strives for success and significance while struggling to make it all work.

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You’re a messenger from our Father. May God bless this book and soften the hearts and call to action those who read it.” “A heart felt, straight forward message about life from a guy who works with business people that are sometimes too busy to be bothered with life. … I have been blessed through his simple yet profound questions to grow as a husband, father, friend and CEO. If you aspire to lead, learn these lessons from John’s farm.”

– James A. Sharman, President & CEO, World Kitchen

“It won’t take you long to read it – the lessons truly are, after all, simple – but I’m confident that the few hours you spend reading it will be one of the best investments you could make of your time.”

– Wendell Potter, Vice President, Corporate and Executive Communications,
CIGNA Corporation

“I kept finding myself in his metaphors and I wasn’t always comfortable with the discovery. I have known John a long time and continue to learn from him.”

– Donald K. Schwarz, CEO, CTS Corp.

“The advice in this book is sound advice… I am a much better person and executive because of working with John. Read the book apply the wisdom and you too shall reap the benefits.”

– Clinton Larson, Corporate Vice President, Honeywell (Retired)

“John Brekke brings both calm and urgency to the essential elements of living a balanced life. In this short volume, he combines practical advice with personal stories illustrating the impact of his approach. Essential advice for leaders and those aspiring to be leaders.”

– Matthew Rampton, Head of Business Development, BT Americas, Inc.

“John’s ability to help executives grow is reflected in this ‘Lessons From The Field,’ which yields a cornucopia of practical ideas for the reader to harvest.”

– Charlie Graves, President, Sport Court

“‘Lessons From The Field’ provides numerous examples and concepts that are simple to correlate to your role as a leader, spouse and a father.”

– Russ H. McMeekin, President & CEO, Progressive Gaming International Corp.

“‘Lessons from the Field’ is an excellent, quick read for aspiring or established leaders of organizations reminding all of us of the importance of balance in our lives.”

– Donald H. Hofreuter, MD, Administrator / COO, Wheeling Hospital

“Frequently, in the corporate world, so much is expected – and once given, more is expected, that people lose a piece (size varies) of themselves. Without firmly identifying what is truly most important and living each day keeping that in mind, it is very easy to get off course – and start plowing very crooked rows! The analogies you drew to the different phases of farming help make and, I believe, will help keep the message crystal clear – long after the reader has put down the book.”

– Jenette E. Fetzner, Vice-President, National Accounts, CIGNA Healthcare

“I loved your book. […] Lessons from the Field will hopefully help many people create lives for their children with values like my parents created for me.”

– Denise Ulrich, Director, Product Communications, Merck and Co., Inc.

“I loved the stories about the people who discovered the secret of life balance. The fifty year old successful manager who began to share his experiences regarding his five year old brought a tear to my eye. It is truly a joyful thing to see already successful people who go from being effective managers, to being even better leaders who will leave a legacy of inspired and dedicated employees.”

– Bill Werner, Vice President & General Manager, Motorola Inc.

“In a world where ‘Leadership’ has become a science, analyzed and dissected in countless books, articles, and speeches, John Brekke’s “Lessons from the Field” provides a refreshing change of pace. Rather than taking the reader through academic prose, charts, outlines, and footnotes to prove various leadership theories, Brekke instead asks us to consider a few, common sense lessons. Setting priorities, leading integrated and balanced lives, recognizing our obligations to others – these are what lead to a lasting legacy, the true definition of leadership. Brekke’s book provides much wisdom in a small package.”

– Larry W. Stranghoener, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, The Mosaic Company