Mirror In My Pocket

John Brekke is one of the nation’s most veteran executive coaches. With three decades of business experience, he has worked with the top executives in some of the world’s most prestigious companies including, 3M, General Growth Properties, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, Cigna, and Honeywell.

In this book John introduces the world of executive coaching. The professional coach will learn perspectives, values and methods which will help them become more effective. The “coach wanna be” will learn about the nature of executive coaching and will be better able to assess if it’s for them. The senior executive will gain a greater understanding of the mentoring/coaching process and make better use of contracted executive coaches.

John’s foundational premise is that successful coaching is not essentially tied to book learning, academic accomplishment, or extensive business experience. It begins and ends with who we are. In this book you will learn about the business, practice and philosophy of executive coaching, but more than that, you will learn about yourself.

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“Pay close attention to the chapter in the book which addresses “Simultaneous” and “sequential” thinking. In all the management books I have read in my 40 years of management none so clearly addresses these human behaviors. Yet understanding these behavioral characteristics is essential to those of us who had the challenge of understanding and changing individual or group behavior in order to achieve sometimes very difficult objectives.” “If you include his wisdom as I have in your job and life it will serve you well.”

– Clint Larson, Corporate Vice President, Honeywell (Retired)

“When John Brekke was my coach never once did we meet without my learning something surprising and important about myself or my situation. Invariably, the result was a wiser choice or action on my part. Mirror In My Pocket has had the same positive effect.”

– Frances B. Emerson , Vice President, Corporate Communications & Global Brand Management , Deere & Co.

“It was a pleasure reading your book (twice), it is a book that can be read at several levels, all leading to one’s inward journey… there is nothing grander than that.”

– Barb Melioris Vice President Human Resources, Mikohn, Inc.

“Mirror In My Pocket is a book every person should read and not just aspiring executive coaches. It challenges you and it makes you reflect on your leadership style and approach with others from a business and personal perspective. It really causes you to take a serious look at yourself, which is often very hard to do when you already have professional success. The professionals who takes time to reflect and look at themselves in the “mirror” are the ones who will take their leadership and personal life to the next level.”

– Fenorris Pearson, Vice President – Global Organizational Development, Motorola, Inc

“I think we might both agree that tomorrow’s leaders will be those individuals that are able to apply many of the lessons in Mirror in My Pocket. I believe your book John will cause individuals who are considering coaching to pause and examine the brutal reality of what it takes to succeed in executive coaching.”

– Judy Herbst, Senior Vice President, Human Capital, General Growth Properties

“John Brekke’s book reads just like he consults: concise and easy to follow, well grounded in concept, based on deep experience across multiple industries, and sprinkled with the humor and wisdom of a Minnesota Norwegian. John’s willingness to share the lessons he has learned and help others define simple, actionable steps to success are what continues to place him in demand as a trusted business partner.”

– Dave Brumbaugh, Vice President, Human Resources, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

“Few individuals can be an effective executive coach, even though they may believe they have the right credentials. John Brekke provides crucial insights to personally assess whether or not you have the right attributes to be successful in an executive coach role. Mirror In My Pocket is an insightful, easy-to-read book that provides a wonderful mix of psychological theories and practical observations drawn from Brekke’s extensive experience counseling executives. This book is built around self-awareness and understanding those qualities essential for coaches. A truly important book for anyone who may be curious if they are properly wired to be an effective coach.”

– Kim Regenhard, Vice President, Human Capital, Ovations, UnitedHealth Group