Strategic Planning

Brekke Consulting offers a variety of strategic planning, innovation management, and strategic training services.

      Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning workshops
Building strategic action teams
Corporate-wide strategic plan construction
Future-of-industry assessment

      Innovation management:

Application of the disruptive innovation model
Brainstorming workshops
Corporate acceptance of new ideas
Pilot project shepherding

      Strategic Executive Training:

Strategic thinking seminars
One-on-one strategic thinking training

    John has worked with some of the best and brightest executives in the nation, learning and teaching the principles of effective corporate strategy. He specializes in assisting with senior level strategic planning, brainstorming workshops, shepherding the planning process, and strategic process training.

    David has done business planning for some of the nation’s largest companies. He specializes in innovation implementation, new product development, futurism, and strategic thinking training.

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