Executive 360 Assessment

Introduction / Instructions

The Executive 360 Assessment process is a method for providing honest feedback for executives in a manner which is actionable for personal improvement.


The Executive 360 Assessment contains 36 indicators which respondents use to assess their feedback receiver. Each indicator is marked from 0 (never) to 10 (always). If you mark the questionnaire with all one number it will either be disregarded or you may be asked to submit the questionnaire again. As a rule of thumb use a particular score no more than 12 times. The goal is useful feedback, please consider your scoring carefully.

Your feedback will be anonymous. Your name will not be shared with the feedback receiver, nor the executive coach facilitating the feedback consultation. Your feedback scores will be aggregated and your feedback form deleted. Your name will only be used to determine who has provided feedback and who has yet to do so.

Please take a moment to offer your comments at the end of the form. Your comments are important and anonymous. Your comments will be combed for personal identifiers and separated into feedback categories. Please be candid.

Fill out the online 360 assessment form on another person or yourself

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