Executive Coaching

Brekke Consulting Inc. offers executive coaching and skill building programs for mid- and senior-level executives. Our programs are always tailored to meet your objectives, including:

     • Interpersonal skills enhancement

     • Problem-solving techniques

     • Team development skills

     • Strategy creating activities

Strategic Planning

Brekke Consulting offers a variety of strategic planning, innovation management, and strategic training services including:

     • Strategic Planning

     • Innovation Management

     • Strategic Thinking Workshops and Individual Training

360 Assessment

Brekke Consulting’s Executive 360 Assessment was developed by John Brekke in partnership with several elite business schools and further developed by David Brekke. The Executive 360 Assessment is one of the nation’s first 360 assessments. The assessment has gone through countless revisions over its 25+ years for maximum relevancy and effectiveness.

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Our coaches research and work with senior leaders to tailor-make a message for maximum effect – building on your corporate messages and using solid examples and good humor to create a cohesive message. John gives presentations for senior leadership in moments of growth challenges, crisis, or transition. David gives presentations for senior leadership regarding strategic training, scenario planning, and new product development.